Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blog Post #4

podcast for first graders

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom by Joe Dale

This video explains that podcasting is an effective way to interact with students outside the classroom. One of the advantages is that a student is able to access the material anytime and anywhere, and is able to view the material, as often the student requires. The material can also be accessed offline when it is downloaded to a device, e.g. cellphone, ipod, or mp3 player. Another advantage is that one teacher is able to reach an unlimited amount of students contrary to a regular classroom setting. This is a benefit that will help in my podcast presentation to reach several people at one time.

Podcasting with First Grade

First grade students were able to complete a variety of task using podcast. Instead of just listen to one person reading the story the whole class was able to participate. Due to the involvement of the entire class the overall progress was much more effective. The students as a whole were demonstrating listening skills; cooperation with fellow classmates and comprehension of the story was better. This technology provided an incentive to the more quite students. Podcasting will benefit those teachers who are afraid of technology to provide better understanding of material to the students.

Judy Scharf’s Podcast Collection

The website was informative, giving basic information for anyone who is new at podcasting. She gave the definition of podcasting as well as benefits and websites you can refer to such as which shows you how to podcast using audiocity. With a basic understanding of what podcasting is and the benefits of why it is beneficial to students will help me understand the importance of why it is a useful tool in the classroom.


  1. Hello Linda!
    We did our blog post on the same videos and websites which is pretty cool. Like you mentioned, podcasting can be accessed by all students anytime of the day. This a great benefit for future education because students won't have to depend only on lectures and notes.
    The podcast from the first grade class was really helpful. I liked how it broke down the process for us and showed the kinds of skills that were used to make this project a success. I definitely agreed with you when you said that it would help those who are afraid of technology because podcasting is very simple and can be created by anybody.
    The Podcast Collection was a website full of information! It surely broke down podcasting step by step. I also found that it helped me understand the importance of podcasting and the benefits it brings to a classroom.
    Well Linda, I enjoyed reading your post and checking out your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Linda,

    You bring up some very good points about podcasting! I'm also glad that this will help you and your group to get some ideas to what type of approach you want to take with your podcast.

    Good job on your links and picture!

    Stephen Akins