Monday, March 12, 2012

C4K #1


She is an eight-grade student in Noel, Missouri. Yesenia wrote a very creative story about her and a friend named Martha, who found themselves in an unusual position. Nicki Minaj and Bruno Mars who were zombies were following them. The girls were frightened and began running away. The girls then notice the sun was coming up and the zombies were no longer following them. Yesenia and Martha both knew that when the sun went down the zombies would return but this time they would be ready.
My comment to Yesenia was that she had written a very creative story that I enjoyed reading. I asked her if she enjoyed writing scary stories and would enjoy reading more of them.

Samantha J.


She is a high school student who enjoys writing and has an interest in keeping our earth clean as well as the importance of recycling. Samantha’s blog was about the reasons zebras have stripes. She had a couple of theories on why the zebra has stripes. First, she states that zebra’s stripes are used to confuse their predators. It confuses them from pin pointing one single zebra. The second theory was to distract horse flies. She states that researchers in Sweden and Hungary show that the horsefly is less attracted to the zebra’s strips versus a black or brown horse. This study however was not done in Africa so the study was still ongoing.
My comment to Samantha was that she raised a interesting question. I stated that the camouflage and light reflection theory sounded logical and made sense. I also stated it is amazing how animals have adapted to their surroundings. I did receive a thank you response from Samantha.



She is a sixth grade student at Denneth Elementary in Massachusetts. She had made video to say thank you to her teacher, Mr. Avery. This was a very creative and thoughtful video.
My comment to Tessa was that Mr. Avery must have loved the video versus a regular thank you card. Tessa has several pictures of turtles on her blog and I asked if she owned any turtles herself. Tessa did respond to my comment and unfortunately does not own any turtles.

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  1. " a unusually position." in an unusual position is the correct form here.

    Getting those thank yous makes it even better!