Sunday, April 22, 2012

C4K April

This month I was able to comment on the same student for three weeks. My students is named Kylie, she lives in Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. She is 12 years old and in the seventh grade. Her favorite color are lime green and dark purple. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, Savanna and Sam. She has a favorite hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks. She has several ideas on what she wants to be when she grows up such as an actor (she states she is awesome at fake crying), singer and a nurse (because they make a lot of money).


Kylie’s first post was about seven wacky facts about her.
1.I hate sour cream.
2. I’m scared of clowns.
3. I have two dogs and two cats.
4. I watch Big Brother.
5. I hate white chocolate.
6. I’m scared of swimming in oceans.
7. I play COD.
I commented that I could relate to 3 of the seven wacky facts. I hate sour cream and white chocolate as well as swimming in the ocean. My question for her was what the initials COD stand for because I do not know. I also stated I look forward to hearing from her.


Her second post was on her trip to California and where she visited such as Universal Studios in Hollywood and Disneyland and Sea World. She especially enjoyed Universal Studios where she enjoyed the 3D King Kong movie. She was also able to go through where Desperate Housewives is taped. She wanted to know if anyone had been to any of these places and wanted comments if you did.

King Kong

My comment was that I had indeed gone to Universal Studios a long time ago. I was in the Marine JROTC and we visited Cap Pendleton, in San Diego. I encouraged her to blog because I was interest in hearing about Canada because I have never visited that area.

The last post I commented on was an old one, I was hoping to see a new post but I did not want to discourage her and not continue to post on her blog. This post was on her Christmas and what she received as well as spending time with her family. She wants to spend her next Christmas somewhere warm with her family.

I commented that I went to Texas for Christmas and that I was able to go to the beach the day after because it was so warm. I advised Kylie to continue to blog because it would be a great experience and that she would be able to hear from people all around the world and would love to hear about Canada. I went to her blog for a final time and did see that my comments were posted on her blog but unfortunately Kylie has not posted a new blog or commented on my responses.

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