Sunday, April 29, 2012

C4T #4

Bloom's Taxonomy for iPads

Ms. Silvia Tolisano provided a very useful tool for teachers. She provided links to each app represented on her blog on Bloom's Taxonomy. For example:

Remember: Exhibit memory of previously-learned materials by recalling facts, terms, basic concepts and answers.

• describe
• name
• find
• name
• list
• tell

Suggested apps:

• iBook
• Noteshelf
• Stack the Countries
• Evernote Peek
• Nxt App4Kids
• Ansel’s and Clair’s Adventure in Africa
• Word Seek HD
• eClicker
• Globe


I would recommend this blog post for all upcoming teachers and would more than likely be very helpful in EPY-355.

My comment was that this was useful information that I did not know was available and would be useful to me as a future teacher.

The Evolution of the Classroom Schedule

Ms. Silvia Tolisano states, it will take classroom teachers, who understand that “21st Century Learning” cannot be equaled to “using computers, iPads, web 2.0 tools or other technology gadgets and tools” at a set time during their schedule , to make the shift how we think about learning. We are all learners. We need to be life long, anytime and anywhere learners. Learning in the 21st century is amplified through the uses of available tools and resources and will not be confined to a specific time block during the day out of convenience of sticking to an arbitrary schedule.



My comment to Ms. Tolisano was that I completely agree that as a future teacher we must continue to learn and be able to make adaptations to our school schedule. It was amazing how tools have advanced in the last ten year and I cannot imagine what technology will be available in the next ten years.

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