Sunday, April 1, 2012

C4T #3

Langwitches Blog


Silvia Rosenthal Tolisan, had a guest blogger on her post, her name is Zoe. Zoe is a fourth grade student at Martin J. Gottlieb Day School and is currently blog with four different classrooms. These classes are in the USA, Thailand, Switzerland, and Czech Republic.

Zoe gives advice on blog commenting as a form of communicating and learning. She states that she wants comments to be memorable. She also wants comments to represent you even if she does not know you. She wants the comments to be unique, adding additional information that lets her know you are interested in the topic. She also gives you information on how to post links on you blog.
My comment was that I enjoy and learned from her blog and that in my future blogs I will take her advise and try to make my comments memorable as Zoe suggested.

Wondering About Hyperlinked Writing


Silvia Rosenthal Tolisan described a new way of blogging that is called hyperlinked writing. In this form of writing you incorporate the hyperlinks within the text by marking certain words as hyperlinks to other web sites.

Ms. Tolisan also commented about Wes Fryer’s post The Ethic of the Link, Hyperlinked Writing and Mainstream Media Link Hangups, and believes teacher need to learn how to teach their students how to hyperlink for more efficient writing. She also stated that linked reading and writing are not going away and these skills are needed for students today so we do not need to wait to teach them this valuable information.
My comment to Ms. Tolisan was that this information was help and I let her know that I do use hyperlinking in my blog post and that I am sure it will continue to grow in the educational field.

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