Sunday, April 29, 2012

My E-Media Fast

This week’s challenge unfortunately was not completed with success. I am fortunate enough to have access to technology as a part of my educational needs. I was however able to restrict myself on several items because they are not as important to my every day lifestyle. First thing in the morning I used my alarm to wake me up bright and early to try and successful complete this mission. Since I was able to use computer and phone at work that made it a little easier. I finished my job around noon and then the challenge was broken.

I have a couple of classes that require the use of a computer. My pre-calculus class has a lab that requires you to do your homework online. I also had a quiz that I needed to study for in the class and my instructor take examples from the homework assignments so I needed to use my computer to study for my test. I also have my EPY-355 class that I had to input information into foliotek, so I failed the mission due to educational needs. This mission was at an inconvenient time especially toward the end of the semester for students that need their computers and internet access to complete homework assignments and prepare for finals ( or at least I do because the earlier I get started the better I am).


However, the rest of the evening I was technology free. I am a full time student and work part time so for me not having the T.V. on was the easiest thing I could do without. I hardly watch T.V. during the school year. I was able to turn my cell phone on silent thru out the day and did not receive any phone calls through out the day. I did have to have it with me due to the fact that my daughter is disabled and she may have had to contact me but fortunate for me no phone calls.


I find it truly amazing how much technology is needed to be a student and will be needed for students everywhere. Five years ago, I received my first Apple computer and last year I received my iPhone. I am unable to be without them now. How did I survive without them? How am I expecting students to not have the tools to encourage them to learn such as a computer, iPad, iPods, internet access, and an iPhone? I could not, so I do not expect my students to do with out tools needed to advance.

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